1st Tierra
Name: Kevin T. Porter
Sponsors: Fly Bikes, Orchid Footwear, UGP, Empire BMX

Frame: Fly Tierra
Fork: Fly Tierra
Bars: Fly Tierra Grande (Out soon.)
Stem: Fly
Grips: Fly Fino (New!)
Barends: Fly Plastic
Headset: Fly with a flat cap
Seatpost: Fly
Seat: Fly Fino
Cranks: Fly 2.5pc
Sprocket: Fly, 29t with a built in spacer
Chain: KMC mid
Brakes: Fly, seatstay
Cable: Nokon
Brake Lever: First-ever Fly prototype—over three years old!
Front Tire: Fly Ruben, 2.25″
Front Wheel: New Fly front rim with Fly hub
Rear Tire: 20″ x 1.95″ new Fly Ruben Ligera
Rear Wheel: New Fly rim with a custom hub from Profile
Chain Tensioner: Built-in
Pedals: Fly Ruben

Josh Ver.3

Frame: S&M Josh Stricker V3
Fork: Pitch Fork LTF
Bars: Slam Bars
Grips: Primo Stricker Grips
Headset: Internal guy
Seatpost Clamp: None
Seatpost: Primo guy
Seat: Primo
Cranks: Profile 180s, yeah
Sprocket: Fast one
Chain: Chrome
Brakes: Primo
Cables: Black one.
Brake Lever: Tech 77
Front Tire: Primo
Front Wheel: Primo
Rear Tire: Primo
Rear Wheel: Primo
Pedals: Primo Stricker
Stem: Redneck S&M LTF


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