Kevin K Bike Check


name:Kevin K.
flybikes Lago

Frame: Lago 21"
Bars: Lago 8.5"
Stem: Potencia.
Grips: Ruben.
Heaset: Fly bikes sealed bearings.
Fork: Agua.
Cranks: fly 175mm with Spanish BB bearings and spacers.
Sprocket: new Circulo 29t.
Seat and seat post: new Fly "UNO" plastic seat and seat tube combo.
Pedal: Ruben plastic.
Rims: Fly front rim on both wheels with front Fly hub and Profile rear hub.
Tires: 2.25 Ruben and 2.15 ruben "Campillera".
Pegs: Flybikes..the cromoly ones.

Ruben PC & Uno seat

Agua Fork

Lago Bars 8.5"



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