Nigel Sylvester Bike Check

Name: Nigel Sylvester
Hometown: Queens, NYC
Sponsors: Animal bikes, MirraCo bikes, Nike 6.0 and Format

Frame: Mirraco chocolate 21'
Fork: Mirraco forks M3
Stem: animal jump off
Bars: animal piff bars
Bar ends: plastic
Grips: animal Ed grips
Wheels: Primo balance wheel set 36 hole 8t
Tires: animal glh-r 2.10 front and animal asm-r 1.95 rear
Seat: animal cush
Seat post: animal pivotal
Crank: Odyssey wombolt 175mm
Sprocket: animal 23t SPROCKY BALBOA
Pedals: animal plastic
Chain: Shadow half link
Pegs: animal OG light pegs



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