Hoang Tran Bike Check

Hoang Tran's Bike

Frame: Subrosa Pandora, 20.75″
Fork: Subrosa Pandora
Bars: Subrosa Pandora, 8.25″
Stem: Subrosa sample
Grips: Subrosa Villicus sample
Barends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Just a random one I got at the local shop.
Seatpost: Odyssey
Seat: Odyssey Aitken wolf
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolts, 175mm
Sprocket: Odyssey Vermont, 28t
Chain: Shadow
Brakes: Lotek
Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken Klyte (The biggie size.)
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandero hub and Odyssey rim
Rear Tire: Odyssey Aitken Klyte (The biggie size.)
Rear Wheel: Odyssey 9t cassette and Odyssey rim
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Hub Guard: Mutiny
Pegs: Odyssey



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