Name: Stefan Lantschner
Sponsors: Fly Bikes, Carhartt, Nike 6.0, Eastpak, Frontocean BMX.


Frame: Flybikes Montaña
Fork: Flybikes Tierra grande
Bars: Flybikes Montaña
Grips: Flybikes Ruben short
Bar ends: Flybikes plastic
Stem: Flybikes Potencia
Brake Lever: None
Brake: None
Seat: Flybikes Fino
Seat Post: Flybikes
Clamp: Flybikes
Cranks: Flybikes 180mm
Sprocket: Flybikes 30t
Pedals: Flybikes plastic Ruben prototyes
Chain: Regular cheap chain with one half link
Rear Wheel: Flybikes prototype hub 10t and front rim
Front Wheel: Flybikes hub and front rim
Pegs: None
Rear Tyre: Flybikes campillera 2.15 foldable
Front Tyre: Flybikes campillera 2.25 foldable
Weight of bike: In between 9and 10 kilos

もう一つ注目はついにRUBEN pedalにプラスチック製が登場!いまはまだプロトですが期待大!



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