Brian Wizmerski Bike Check

Wiz's Bike

Frame: Eastern Reeper
Fork: Eastern
Bars: Eastern
Stem: Animal
Grips: The end of the Wiz Grip.
Barends: Plastic
Headset: Eastern
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: Animal Cush Stripe
Cranks: Eastern Pro
Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa
Chain: Eastern Z510H
Brakes: Dia-Tech Hombres
Cable: Animal
Brake Lever: Dia-Compe Tech 77 for life
Front Tire: Dirt Monster 2.125”
Front Wheel: Old Primo joint
Rear Tire: Animal GLH 1.95”
Rear Wheel: Eastern 9′er
Hub Guard: FBM
Pegs: Animal Lite
Pedals: Eastern Magnesium

animal Rider のBike Checkはかなり参考になる・・・



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