Mike Brennan Bike Check

Mike'S Bike

Frame: Wethepeople Warriors prototype
Fork: Wethepeople Helium 35mm offset
Bars: Wethepeople Mad Max 8.7” rise
Stem: Animal Jumpoff
Grips: Wethepeople All Day
Barends: Wethepeople nylon
Headset: prototype Animal
Clamp: integrated
Seatpost: Animal Stump Post
Seat: Wethepeople Slim Pivitol
Cranks: eclat Tibia 175 mm
Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa 25-tooth
Chain: 24 carat gold
Front Tire: Wethepeople Feelin’ 2.25” kevlar
Front Wheel: Wethepeople Supreme hub, Wethepeople rim
Rear Tire: Wethepeople Feelin” 2.25” kevlar
Rear Wheel: eclat 9-tooth to eclat Bondi rim
Chain Tensioner: another crank on the socket wrench
Hub Guard: not at the moment.
Pegs: Wethepeople prototypes from two years ago
Pedals: Animal Hamilton Plastic

anmal × WTP その2

wethepeople : Mike Brennan : videorama from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.



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