Cassette Hub Buyer’s Guide

Complete Cassette Hub Buyer’s Guide - 23 Hubs Spec’d


Superstar Overdrive Cassette

Holes: 36
Drive Side: Right hand.
Axle: Chromoly hollow female axle.
Driver: 1 piece cromoly, Q-Lite system
Driver Bearings: 2
Driver Pawls: 6, Q-Lite system
Driver Spring: 6 V-springs
Hardware: 3/8″ x 24tpi axle bolts, 3/8″ to 14mm washers.
Hub Shell Bearings: 2
Colors: Black anodized, grey anodized, and red anodized.
Weight: 420g / 15oz

Proper Bike Co. Female & Male Magnalite v3 Cassettes

Holes: 36h or 48h
Drive Side: Right hand or left hand.
Axle: Female: 10mm alloy axle, 3 piece axle with 14mm chromoly bolts. - Male: 14mm forged and heat-treated axle.
Driver: One piece with 9t cog.
Driver Bearings: Ceramic. This model features the ’shim system’ that we developed to replace driver bearings (all but eliminating the possibility of failure).
Driver Pawls: 3 Pawls
Driver Spring: Single spring
Hardware: Chromoly bolts. (Male comes with both alloy and chromoly axle nuts.)
Hub Shell Bearings: SKF 6902 axle bearings.
Colors: Black, blue, white, purple, orange, grey, red, green, gold, and polished raw.
Weight: Female: 369g / 13oz - Male: 375g / 13oz

Demolition Rolls Hub

Holes: 36
Drive Side: RHD
Axle: 14mm hollow chromoly axle
Driver: Available in 8t and 9t drivers
Driver Bearings: Polymer bushings
Driver Pawls: 3 Pawls
Driver Spring: 1 driver spring
Hardware: 2 6061 Machined cones and nuts.
Hub Shell Bearings: 2 precision sealed bearings in shell
Colors: Black, teal, and white
Weight: 14.7oz (with 9t driver)



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